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Beware of Copier Companies misleading the customer into purchasing new equipment

I had a customer call in this week because they were not able to scan anymore on their Canon IR3570. I asked them if they were able to print and they replied yes. By them stating that, I was certain … Continue reading

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Do I need a service contract for my copier I bought?

When you purchase a machine new or used from us we give a 6 month warranty, after this period I highly advise going with a service contract. Even though the machine is not that old or was recently refurbished, things … Continue reading

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When a Copier Salesman Get Desperate, they Turn Into Snake Oil Salesman

Originally posted on Long Island Copier Sales:
  Where do I begin? Today I have witnessed a Copier company that is supposedly a manufacture direct here in New York City area who tried to do a bait & switch on…

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I want to buy a copier without a contract or a lease, which copier has the best CPC?

Some customers do not want to deal with leasing, they do not want to be tied into a leasing company and they rather just purchase the copier outright and pay for service when it is needed.   Although I do … Continue reading

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Are aftermarket toners really worth it?

Lets do the math here, I went out on a Canon copier service call today for copy quality issues and this is what I found, again, another case of penny wise and dollar foolish. He goes out an buys a … Continue reading

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Copy / print overages still a big concern!!

As competition gets more aggressive and as the business world goes more and more into paperless, the snake oil copier salesman gets more desperate. We have discussed overages in the past, in fact not to long ago, but I feel … Continue reading

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You get what you pay for….

  This is true and I will explain how this works in the Copier service business on Long Island. Sometimes being too frugal will haunt you. If you hire a cheap painter, you will get cheap quality work, if you … Continue reading

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