5 year copier lease are 2 years too long

Salesmen are still pushing this and their company they work for love it!

Who benefits from a five year copier lease? Why on earth would you want to enter a five year copier lease? If you are going to lease a copier, you want a new machine every three years, the first three years are the best for reliability & efficiency in a copiers life. I have over 30 years as a repair tech knowledge, I see these machines and what goes wrong with them and when they fail.

Aside from the physical aspect of the 5 year copier lease, why would you want to be tied into a copier company for five years? I have seen the largest companies out out of business or if they didn’t go out of business, I have seen their service dept. go downhill. Which in return means a longer time waiting for a service rep to show up or  inadequate parts in stock, which would mean a tech shows up, diagnosis that you need a part and you don’t see them back for a week or longer!

What happens if the company is bout out and the service you loved is not there anymore. So many things can go wrong or sour in a five year period, I am not saying it will definitely happen but why would you want to take that chance??

Copier companies & salesman or furious at me for writing such a blog, they know that I am letting out the secrets of the business but isn’t it about time honesty and upfront trustworthiness prevails?

Speak to Phil or Peter at PJD Business Machines, we are Long Island’s Copier Sales Company (honest copier sales)

Here is a link to our website: http://www.longislandcopiersales.com




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