Customers who lease copiers need to pay attention and read the lease before signing!

I am getting a lot of calls from people reading my blogs, I am happy to be informative to you and want you to be better educated when purchasing/leasing copiers. I am not just a salesman, although I do sell machines as part of my job.

Last week I made a visit to a potential customer, I asked them simple questions like exactly how many months is their lease and is it an all inclusive lease? would you believe, these questions could not be answered until they gave me their paperwork so I could show them!

I often wonder, if it was a car lease, you would know how much it is, when it is up, what is included and what you will be driving next but the copier lease that they are getting for $428.00 a month is totally under the radar!

By behaving in this fashion, by not paying full attention to the salesman, he is adding into your lease things that will cost you extra! You are trusting a Snake oil salesman to handle your copier lease, this is wrong!

You should know the secrets by now, you have been reading my blogs long enough, never do more than 3 years on a copier lease, make sure you have the most accurate yearly copy volume. The company loves when you go over! the salesman gets a piece of that action too. Always get the meter counts and make sure the copier company is not overcharging you. Always know when exactly when your copier lease is up! remember, you need to give the leasing company minimum of 60 days and preferably 90 days notice that you will not be keeping the machine. You need to send a letter of intent and followed by a phone call to the leasing company asking for the return paperwork.

Don’t wait for the salesman, he/she does not have your best interest in mind, a salesman is only concerned with $$$$$.

Call us, ask for Phil or Peter, we have been giving honest, reliable sales & service to Long Island for more than 23 years.

We offer you free honest advice, we can inform you if you have been getting a fair deal or if your salesman is a snake oil salesman. We can also advise you if your copier service company is doing the “right thing” by you in terms of service.

Thank you for reading my blog


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