Customers that want to be technicians and save money

I for one is the type of person who will always try to save money, If I can, and I have the proper tools and knowledge, I will tackle a job at my leisure and will also benefit with saving some money and the satisfactory of doing a job all by myself.

I went out on a service call yesterday, a new customer who has a HP 2430 laserjet printer,a nice machine and is certainly worth putting some money into as well all know, the new HP printers are nothing like their older ones. The guy purchased feed rollers online and attempted to install them himself.

First off, whoever he purchased these from Ebay, Craigslist or wherever… these were after market rollers and a pad, in my opinion, aftermarket feed rollers are garbage, proven historically never to meet its life span. I am a veteran technician of 26 years, I have seen my share, trust me.

He spent with shipping $35.00 for this aftermarket rollers kit and installed them wrong and split the rubber. Now I get the call to do the repair, after all, I love Hp laser printers and know them  real well. I always have a good stock of feed rollers for HP printers so I walked with a set. I replaced the rollers with Genuine HP Laserjet 2430 feed rollers that were fresh! not some old stock bought on Ebay. After I was done installing the rollers I took my vacuum cleaner out and thoroughly  cleaned his machine, I also took a cleaner and cleaned the printers outside panels to get the machine looking close to new inside and out.

My point is this, this customer who owns his business probably wasted an hour of his business time and $35.00 of his money only to have to call me in to properly do the job! Is it worth it? This is not Rocket Scientist work folks however you need to have the knowledge and the tools! You need to know to only buy genuine parts and also know if it is genuine or aftermarket and only a tech would know this. You also want to be assured it is not old feed rollers that someone had laying around for 4 years finally decided to throw it on EBAY or Craiglist…

As far as tools go, yes a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter so you do not breath in the toner dust and yes VACUUM as oppose to blowing as often customers will use can air to clean the inside of their printer and blow toner in areas where it should not be which results in noise or copy quality issues.


You see, certain jobs you should just call a person in to do! My company only charges $105.00 per call, we have a very knowledgeable staff who will fix it right the first time and guaranty the work for 6 months.

Think about it……………..

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