Why buy a used copier when I can buy new?

When shopping for copiers, there is a lot to be learned. I often get asked by customers and even potential customers….

Why should I by a used machine? without BS-ing, you and to be quite honest, there is nothing like buy a NEW COPIER, yes a new copier every three years is very nice, but like a car, not everyone can or really want to have this large expense over their heads every month. When you start getting to the 45 cpm machines and better, that is a significant chunk of change!

So, I have a guy calling in today, he is starting a new business and will have 15 users on one copier, he states he will be doing a lot of copiers, 15 users, a high speed copier, with a heavy amount of volume, new you are looking in the neighborhood of around $9,000.00 and better, depends if you want a 55 cpm machine from Kyocera or a 55 cpm from canon, these are the prices on Long Isand anyways.

If that price is  shocking and way out of your price range then heck, you have one other option only! and that would be to purchase a low meter copier with a good warranty from your local dealer. I say local dealer because anyone who buys a copier, especially a freestanding floor model machine is not playing with a full deck, sorry, I did not mean to hurt your feelings but if you or if you know someone who did or is considering buying a floor standing machine on line, then you are letting your frugalness get in the way of common sense business smartness.

Yes, so your only intelligent decision would to purchase a used/off lease copier from a reputable company, preferable a local dealer, PJD Business Machines is a local Long island copier service company. You can purchase a used machine that would normally sell new for $10,000.00 for $3500.00, we are talking a machine that is two or three years old! with a low meter! why not????

If any individual ever tells you that a brand new machine will not break down or is that much better then a certified used machine then he is full of it! I have installed new machines from Canon, Sharp, Copystar, HP, Panasonic, Samsung, Ricoh, all are good manufactures and models but they had issues! Machines break down, this is the business, it is the service that counts after the sale, remember, after the sale, the salesman is gone! it is the service that counts, response time, turnaround for parts, replacement machine if in fact it needs it and the reasonable service contracts offered by your local copier company.

We sell new and used, we have no real preference and we don’t push either one, we just fit the right machine for the deal.

call us and give us a try, I will be honest with you, we don NOT want internet price shoppers looking for the cheapest price so they can be screwed on service after the sale, our target customer is a company looking for a copier company on long island who will give you the ultimate level of service at very fair prices.


We will take your business to the next level if you give us a chance!!!

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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