Why the copier salesman & his company hate the dollar buy out option in a lease?

My last post was regards to leasing and renting and the difference between the two, today I will hit a nerve with salesman & their company they work for.

When ever you lease a copier, you have the option to a dollar buyout. A dollar buyout is just that, at the end of the lease, you have the chance to buy the machine for $1.00, no catches, no tricks, its yours for a dollar.

For the average customer with moderate volume, this will save you & your company thousands of dollars!

If the salesman did the appropriate job in selecting the right copier for you office, then there is NO reason why that machine can not perform well for 7 years. That is a full 4 years of lease free time to put your money to other areas in your business.

Q) What about service after the lease if you decide to keep the machine?

A) The company who sold you the copier will be happy to offer you a maintenance contract or service your machine on a per call basis, if they don’t, then its time to find a new copier service company on Long Island.

You can get an all inclusive maintenance contracts that include all but paper at a good price or you can pay for service and all the consumables as you go along. Today’s copiers are much more efficient then ten years ago and you should NOT be seeing technicians every week!

This all looks good to you now right? or at the very least, I have caught your interest. 😉

Now I will explain to you why your salesman and his company do not push the dollar buyout leases.

1) The salesman and his company will NOT get a renewal every 3 years! They will lose their residuals on renewals, every 3 years when he upgrades your machine and packs on extras on the back end will be gone. Don’t believe me? Trust me, I have been in this for nearly 30 years and the best salesman would stop at nothing to get a commission, this is why I call copier salesman “The snake oil Salesman”.

2) If the salesman does not get the renewal every three years then the company he works for does not sell their machines, remember, the company gets a percentage of all his sales plus the service agreements that are packaged together in their lease or if they do monthly billing! where do you think all those overages that they bill YOU go to?

I can not be anymore clear then what I just posted here, look, if you are a real big company with a lot of spending capital in this lean economy then…. lease FMV and get new equipment every three years, nothing wrong with that and you will also be helping the copier manufactures and vendors who provide machines to you AND the salesman 😉

So the million dollar question you are asking:

Why is this person who is posting this blog, a copier company on Long Island, why would he be posing this and jeopardize losing business in copier sales?????????????????

I an NOT a copier salesman, PJD looks out for our customers, we at PJD actually put you before US! I would rather walk away from a sale, then to sell something that is not right for you. I am willing to give YOU my knowledge of this business that I have been in for nearly 30 years.

PJD Business Machines, Long Islands Copier Service Company, built on honesty, trustfulness, knowledge.

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