Are you constantly going over your allowed copies?

The number one complaint I hear when going out on sales calls is how they get hit with overages, copy overages can add up quick!! well let me give you a tip and oh yea, salesman will hate me for this but what do I care?

Ok here it goes, Salesman use a trick or let me say uhmmm a technique ;-), in order to compete with their competitors and let me tell you, the copier sales is very competitive, anyways, in order to win the bid with customers who are looking for PRICE ALONE, the salesman will under estimate your yearly/monthly  copy volume, by doing this, he will eliminate most other bids. So you go with the salesman who gave you the lowest bid and after a few months you notice that you are getting overage bills sent to you, next thing the company says is that if you do not pay these overages, we will NOT come to service your machine!! You know and THEY know that you can not break a lease, they got you! now you must monitor how much you put on your copier, just like leasing a car, if you lease a car for three years and you go over, you have to pay! same scenario with copiers and if you are leasing color copier LOOK OUT! this can be very expensive and foolishly costly!!

So when you are negotiating a new lease copier, pay close attention to your monthly/yearly volume, in fact you should know this before the salesman enters your door!!!

When I go out on a sales call, my very first question to the customer is “what is your yearly/monthly volume”  that is the magic question and answer! your yearly volume establishes your copier machine duty bracket and your maintenance cost factor.

Its easy for our company, we are a small company and we are honest!

thanks for reading! 😉

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