Buying Copy machines and office equipment on line?

What is there NOT to understand? Surprised

Your Vendor that you have been using for years informed you that your Copier needs replacement. You asked them to find a machine that best fits your needs and ask them to send information on it. The vendor has spent the time to go over your records and find out your monthly/yearly volume and factor in options such as scanning, color, fax and network printing. He delivers you a proposal and the first thing you do is go on-line and see if you can get it cheaper. Of course you can!  So you do a google search and see the machine $400.00 cheaper!!  Did you know that this is an old Bait & Hook trick? I will go even-further and give you an example because I like you and I am an honest guy.

Lets say for arguments sake you were looking to buy a fax machine, not a cheap Brother fax machine but a Robust fax machine for a busy office. You had a budget of around $1,000.00. We know that some fax machines cost over $2000.00 and they are the best of the best but this is way out of your budget so….  getting back to the story, your vendor after doing all the research tells you or recommends you to purchase a Ricoh 3320L, a real nice fax machine which can handle your 80k a year volume, he gives you a quote of $899.00 and that includes all, toner, set up, warranty on site. So you have some doubt in your mind and did a google search and you see it on-line for $599.00, when you go to order this machine, THEY will tell you that you will need to buy a drum unit and toner with it ($200.00) because the machine does not come with it!  plus it will cost you $49.00 to ship it! What? he promised free shipping? Yea right, if you bought 6 or more THEN you will get free shipping! so, add it up now $849.00 oh hold on! they offered a 1 year warranty for $125.00 more … $973.00 for the same machine you could have purchased from your local vendor for $899.00!!! Your local vendor was going to throw in a year warranty with the machine too!  Why would you want to give a guy in California the business? why not shop local and give your local businessman an opportunity? This is the old Bait & Hook folks, they all do it, they promise things and they do not deliver, hey, wait a minute, this is what politicians do?

Call us and we will be straight forward with you, we are an honest company and will set you up with the right equipment at the right price.

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