Waiting longer than one day for copier service?

This is like a throwback 25 years ago with the big copier dealers, back then this was common, customers waiting 3 to 5 days for copier service, large companies would not care as they took care of their largest accounts first.

For the past 15 years, this was unheard of as competition became so great and no copier company could afford to lose customers because of bad service or long response times!

The 90’s are back in full force!  every week I go out to meet new customers and they are complaining that they are waiting for service and want to move their business to us!

This week I had a customer call in, they have a Konica Minolta Bizhub and it needed a waste container, he has been down four days! an accountant in his busy season. Needless to say, this company will be going with us for his next lease.

We give same day copier service, we will come to you on a Saturday if needed and we will accommodate you for after hour service.

Visit us on the web http://www.longislandcopiersales.com or call us today, you have enough to worry about being in business, the last thing you need is poor copier service and long wait times.

Speak with the owner and get the service & response time you deserve.



516 785-3299


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Copier Salesman/Snake oil Salesman

A customer of mine decided to go with a Canon copier, the salesman (snake oil salesman) told them that Kyocera/Copystar was a foreign company and was made outside the USA, hello! Canon is not a USA born company and also makes most if not all parts overseas! Now this customer has to deal with changing drums every 35k copies! instead of the long yields of a Kyocera of 400k!

This customer calls me in and wants me to help them out now. Why do people have to find things out the hard way? My company is the most honest upfront copier dealer on Long Island, we are here for you but this decision they made, this will cost them dearly. Canon is NOT all what it is made out to be.

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5 year copier lease are 2 years too long

Salesmen are still pushing this and their company they work for love it!

Who benefits from a five year copier lease? Why on earth would you want to enter a five year copier lease? If you are going to lease a copier, you want a new machine every three years, the first three years are the best for reliability & efficiency in a copiers life. I have over 30 years as a repair tech knowledge, I see these machines and what goes wrong with them and when they fail.

Aside from the physical aspect of the 5 year copier lease, why would you want to be tied into a copier company for five years? I have seen the largest companies out out of business or if they didn’t go out of business, I have seen their service dept. go downhill. Which in return means a longer time waiting for a service rep to show up or  inadequate parts in stock, which would mean a tech shows up, diagnosis that you need a part and you don’t see them back for a week or longer!

What happens if the company is bout out and the service you loved is not there anymore. So many things can go wrong or sour in a five year period, I am not saying it will definitely happen but why would you want to take that chance??

Copier companies & salesman or furious at me for writing such a blog, they know that I am letting out the secrets of the business but isn’t it about time honesty and upfront trustworthiness prevails?

Speak to Phil or Peter at PJD Business Machines, we are Long Island’s Copier Sales Company (honest copier sales)

Here is a link to our website: http://www.longislandcopiersales.com




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Kyocera Dealer refused to give customer a service contract after 4 years……..

I picked up a new customer today, we hit it off very well, turns out he was an Army Veteran who served in Desert Storm. Small law firm in Lynbrook, anyways, they bought a decent entry level commercial machine from a Kyocera dealer in Farmingdale, (I wont mention their name) anyways, after 4 years they no longer wanted to honor a service contract. They tried to strong arm them into purchasing a new MFP copier, the machine only had 80k on it and had plenty of life left. Companies should be happy just to have a loyal customer, why strong arm them? The Snake oil Salesman was very eager, I guess he had a vacation coming up this Spring. That’s fine, but not the way we do business. I now have a very good customer, I can tell good people, I also gave him a 10% discount for being a US Veteran, that’s the way I do business.

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Customers who lease copiers need to pay attention and read the lease before signing!

I am getting a lot of calls from people reading my blogs, I am happy to be informative to you and want you to be better educated when purchasing/leasing copiers. I am not just a salesman, although I do sell machines as part of my job.

Last week I made a visit to a potential customer, I asked them simple questions like exactly how many months is their lease and is it an all inclusive lease? would you believe, these questions could not be answered until they gave me their paperwork so I could show them!

I often wonder, if it was a car lease, you would know how much it is, when it is up, what is included and what you will be driving next but the copier lease that they are getting for $428.00 a month is totally under the radar!

By behaving in this fashion, by not paying full attention to the salesman, he is adding into your lease things that will cost you extra! You are trusting a Snake oil salesman to handle your copier lease, this is wrong!

You should know the secrets by now, you have been reading my blogs long enough, never do more than 3 years on a copier lease, make sure you have the most accurate yearly copy volume. The company loves when you go over! the salesman gets a piece of that action too. Always get the meter counts and make sure the copier company is not overcharging you. Always know when exactly when your copier lease is up! remember, you need to give the leasing company minimum of 60 days and preferably 90 days notice that you will not be keeping the machine. You need to send a letter of intent and followed by a phone call to the leasing company asking for the return paperwork.

Don’t wait for the salesman, he/she does not have your best interest in mind, a salesman is only concerned with $$$$$.

Call us, ask for Phil or Peter, we have been giving honest, reliable sales & service to Long Island for more than 23 years.

We offer you free honest advice, we can inform you if you have been getting a fair deal or if your salesman is a snake oil salesman. We can also advise you if your copier service company is doing the “right thing” by you in terms of service.

Thank you for reading my blog


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“You won’t get better service at a higher price”

A customer called in Friday afternoon with a down HP laserjet 8150, it needed a fuser unit. We had one overnight shipped Saturday delivery and installed it so this would be running for Monday morning at 7:00AM. The owner of this company was thrilled: The Locust Valley Leader

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This is one of our Kyocera copiers going out and what we do to it.

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